Cats and Star Wars

I’m going to do a little showing off in this post 🙂 Abbey has been making awesome and creative homemade gifts for her family members the past several Christmases. This past Christmas, Abbey combined Alex’s love of our five cats, pretending they are interactive with each having their own “voices”, his love of Star Wars, as well as viewing videos over and over again into an awesome homemade movie starring our cats in a Star Wars theme. If I do say so myself, it is AWESOME.

Abbey has been working hard over the past some months to try to find a way to put her video on You Tube. Through much learning and troubleshooting the process, she has finally accomplished it by putting it in three “episodes” to view the whole thing. You can link to Episode One, Episode Two, and Episode Three.

To give you a little backdrop to the personalities of the cats, Socks is the “old patriarch” of the home, Belle is the “pre-Madonna”, Sunflash or Sunny is the “cry baby”, Xena is the “girl warrior”, and Toby is “the rogue”. Enjoy, and stay tuned for a surprise extension of the ending (hint, “The End” isn’t completely the end :-))

10 responses to “Cats and Star Wars

  1. That is terrific! 🙂 Having “met” Abbey on-line through my dd, I can see what an incredibly bright, creative and kind young lady she is.

  2. Oh my goodness! The boys thought this was just hilarious. They loved it. They immediately recognized Link’s theme and the Harry Potter theme (in addition to the Star Wars stuff). Jason especially made a lot of comments about the musical selections.

    Definitely post when the next installment is up. The boys are looking forward to it!


  3. I finally got to watch all 3 installments with my kids. We were all glued to the screen. 😀 We LOVE it!!!

  4. Steph and Stephanie,

    I know! Isn’t it SO cool? She is SO clever, in my not so humble opinion. I love how she intertwined reality into the subplot of the cat’s having their own world. And the surprise on who the Sith Lord was . . . hilarious! And the different angles were so creative and the music bringing everything alive, etc. She’s really got potential in so many areas! It is truly interesting and entertaining to watch 🙂

    Let me know if it inspires any of your children to break out the video camera!

  5. Well, Cindy, I might as well tell you that “Anne”wanted to try her hand at cinematography after seeing Abbey’s video. Alas, we do not own a working video camera. Technological limitations stunt inspiration. By the way, my girl is very impressed with Abbey’s writing. She is quite a versatile and talented young lady.

  6. Just to share the resources Abbey used, she actually borrowed a digital camera for a weekend from a church member. We also decided to invest in the purchase of a video editor, which was the costly part of it all. It’s called Video Edit Magic 4.1 that we bought on-line (cost, about $95, yikes!). As you said, the price of inspiration came to fruition for her this time, with a splice of borrowing with some buying . . .

    And, as another aside, most of Abbey’s talents didn’t come to a more obvious surface until after 12-13 years old. She self describes herself as “in the clouds” before the age of 12 . . . LOL! And, ya know, she really was 🙂 I always called her my “happy, happy Abbey” in her toddlerhood and her childhood. She fully flowered all in one memorable summer after turning 12. Over the next three to four years, she evolved into a deep thinking, multi-talented young lady. She is SOOO a part of my heart . . . as a woman to woman now 🙂 She is definitely an example that things come together when they come together . . .


  7. 5 stars! Thumbs up! Great humor and talent. We are impressed!

  8. Thanks for the good, “random” thoughts. M does qualify for mental health services through our county (medicaid) mental health provider. The catch is that in order to receive any services through them, we have to use them for ALL services. So we’d have to give up the psychiatrist who has literally been the answer to prayer for almost 5 years. I’m just willing to do that…

    Yes, patterns to behavior are crucial, and something I’ve looked for for years. There are some predictable triggers… holidays, stress and excitement, etc. But unfortunately, for the most part, his times of instability come without rhyme or reason.

    I’m glad you stopped to visit my blog, it’s always good to get input from someone who “gets it” :o)

  9. The kids and I loved it! My kids have been on a big Star Wars kick lately, so this was a big hit! Thanks for sharing!