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I’ve been out of action on my blog for some time, although I religiously read everyone else’s blogs from the Dashboard (I love that feature!).  What I need to do is figure out a proper time to sit down and write, because it always takes me a good amount of time to compile my posts, and I’m trying harder to be more available to my children throughout the day, sooo, be patient and I will try to get going again.  Anyway, I’ll use Stephanie’s tag on me from Throwing Marshmallows to get started . . . 

1.  One homeschooling book you have enjoyed.  In my early years, John Holt’s books really had an inspirational impact on my decisions.  The two most memorable would be Teach Your Own and How Children Fail.  I link to the new version of “Teach Your Own”, by Pat Farenga, but I don’t know how close to the original it follows in the meat of the text.  Otherwise, you can search at Amazon for used versions of the old text.

2.  One resource you wouldn’t be without.  Other parents doing the same thing as me, whether that be homeschooling, autism, the intervention my children desire, the learning style of my child, adoption, parenting, etc.  My best sources of information have come from other parents!

3.  One resource you wish you had never bought.  Every spelling resource I bought that was based on word lists by category, like transportation words, water words, etc.  The two resources that worked well were The Natural Speller and Word Roots.

4.  One resource you enjoyed last year.  Instead, I’m going to share the resource that had the greatest immediate impact that I think happens to be fabulous for all styles of homeschooling because it’s so short, sweet, and effective:  Daily Grams.  Another resource that was an instant success after having failed to find a good resource with a previous child’s interest has to do with video game computer programming.   Game Programming for Teens was inspirational to Eli’s continuation in this skill as he began his serious interest in it at 14.

5.  One resource you will be using next year.  Eli loves math and he uses it extensively in his programming, but he didn’t want to use the Saxon series within a few months of trying it.  It didn’t work for him.  We tried Alegebra I from Math U See, and he enjoyed it, so we will continue with Geometry this year.

6.  One resource you would like to buy.   Rosetta Stone, and I probably will for Japanese.  It’s expensive, though . . . but it appeals to my oldest after trying out the demo CD.

7.  One resource you wish existed.  Hhhmmm.  I’m not good at this type of creativity.  So, I’ll piggyback on Stephanie’s idea . . . it was a good one:  A library that ran like Netflix…keep the books as long as you want, no late fees, books are mailed to you. Would need to allow way more then 5 books at a time and would need to have every book I could ever want available. Not asking for much, huh?

8.  One homeschooling catalogue you enjoy reading.  Love to Learn

9.  One homeschooling website you use regularly.  Life Without School for insights.  Homeschool Journal for blogs.  Yahoo Groups for my e-mail lists aut-home-fam and homeschooling creatively.

10.  Tag five other homeschoolers.  Since I’m really still a fairly new blogger, and most of who I know are here, I tag whoever reads this and is interested in putting one together 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your answers! 🙂

  2. #7…They have this system in Oregon…so hard to “use” the library again after being so spoiled…sigh