Trying to Get Back in the Blog Saddle

I started this blog to be able to share some of the insights I’ve gained through homeschooling my children, a place to put some of the stories that I tell over and over again, a place to put resources that I have gathered to share with others, and a place to act as a journal (I’ve still yet to print it all off . . . that will be a chore if I wait too much longer). I was doing so well for the first months, but then I just can’t seem to find a good balance for this fall. I’m being pulled in all directions, it seems.

My daughter, Abbey, just started a blog here called Wet Paw Creek. She’s SUCH an awesome daughter . . . I hope you all have fun getting to know her! She has every intention of homeschooling her children because she can’t imagine life without being home and learning based on her passions. She may be sharing some of her short stories as well. She is very clever, if I do say so myself 🙂

I reconsidered having the person work with William that I thought seemed like she would do a good job. Her name is Christy, and I decided to just focus on getting her up and going with William, and then we’ll decide if working with Adam will fit right now. I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished in how she will interact and learn with William. I think, after several years now, that I figured out how to do it and keep him excited, interested, focused, and happy. Having a clean slate with Christy helped me move in the direction that I thought was just right for him.

I’m not sure about moving on to Adam because it appears fall is not a good time for him emotionally. He is very edgey these days and prone to outbursts. In fact, just a few weeks ago, we ended up with the police at our door due to some renters at our neighbor’s house calling in regard to one of his meltdowns, that he sometimes takes outside . . . lots of screaming and pounding on doors. This is not the first time, so we took it all in stride, and the officer understood quickly. That in itself is promising. I was able to meet the woman in PA who began the crusade for educating first responders (through professional training workshops) about what autism looks like and how they should interact once they realize autism is involved. It looks like it’s working!

Anyway, I hope to get back on my blog at least every other day, and just start writing to get myself in the groove again. When I create a post about important insights I’ve been thinking about, though, it takes a good bit of my time. But, I’m always happy when I find voice to our experiences. It also helps me sift through all the ideas into something coherent that helps me learn even more deeply, if that makes sense.

I’ll post soon . . .

2 responses to “Trying to Get Back in the Blog Saddle

  1. I’m glad you’re back. 🙂 I am told by a very reliable source that Abbey is quite a gifted writer, and I am already enjoying her blog. Those pumpkins are amazing. I am glad you came to a decision about Christy. I hope it goes well. God bless~S.

  2. I know what you mean about those important insights. 😀 mine seem to not happen as often as I like, but I keep on blogging, keep on writing, keep giving myself a voice, no matter how grammatically incorrect or convoluted. 😀 Eventually the good stuff breaks through somewhere.