Thanksgiving Weekend

Our family was going to pack up and go to Michigan for Thanksgiving and stay with my sister at her house, have Thanksgiving with my hubby’s family on Thursday, and with my family on Friday. We were to leave on Wednesday. It takes a good long day, about 12-13 hours, to drive there. Tuesday night, we decided we just haven’t had time to connect as an immediate family for so long, we would stay home and do just that.

So, Wednesday, I went out for a turkey and decided I needed to buy a fresh one obviously. Well, it was SO good and tender, even the white meat. We had my hubby’s parents over and they were happy that we decided to stay behind so they had someone to supper with. My father-in-law actually stated, half joking but also it appears seriously, “Did you know you’re my favorite daughter-in-law?” after eating several dishes he enjoyed immensely 🙂 and my sending some home with him.

Anyway, all morning, as the dinner cooked on Thursday, the whole family helped clean the kitchen thoroughly. Do you know how dirty a kitchen can become with nine people living in it every day, all day? I consider myself a “lived in” cleaner, but when you get really thorough, you realize how much dirt is there where you don’t look! It felt good to clean out some areas that were awful, like the walk-in pantry and some of the drawers.

I listened to Clay Aiken’s Christmas CD that he put out last year, I think. There is one song on it that I absolutely LOVE. It’s track 6, with the repeated words, Mary, Did you Know? so that could be what it is called. Anyway, he has a beautiful voice for touching Christmas songs like that one and O Holy Night.

Finally, three of the boys are especially having difficult times with relationships in the home. I was going to start an “intervention” with them starting Monday after returning from the trip, but decided to start right then and there. I decided I needed to be more “present” with them in particular with all of their interactions. Some need to be reminded that they have the skills to choose a better interaction pattern. The other two need me to be there more quickly to teach them better interaction skills to help them get what they need, learn compassion for others, as well as turn a corner in being the one in control of their emotions instead of the other way around. So far, that first day was the hardest, but when they saw that every interaction was going to be held up to the microscope, they all quickly became more aware of their reactions and patterns and started to take more emotional responsibility for their interactions already.

So, I begin the season of peace trying to recapture it in our home. Off to a good start 🙂

2 responses to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. It sounds like you had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend. Let us know if your intervention with the boys continues to bear fruit. 🙂

  2. It’s sounds like you had a nice, mello Thanksgiving. We need to work on spreading peace within our home too. Lately it seems like there is alot more bickering and WHINING!!