Reading and the Creative Process: Two Pages

I have been putting together some handouts to help explain to those parents concerned about their right-brained learner coming to reading later why this happens. In my pages section to the right, I have a page called Typical Right-Brained Reading Traits that lists the typical traits that right-brained people tend to exhibit when they are learning to read, and why. There is also a page called Reading and the Creative Process: Parental Role Ideas that shares what a parent can do to support their right-brained child in their natural reading process.

I hope this might be helpful to others, and would welcome a discussion about what is said and if I missed something.

3 responses to “Reading and the Creative Process: Two Pages

  1. Very nice! I like they way they are organized, and the information is clear without being overwhelming.

  2. Thank you!! I can’t begin to thank you enough for these pages. They really summarize all that I’ve learnd about my right-brained learner, and then some. Seeing it all there in one place, right in front of me, is really helping me relax about my 7.5 year old visual-spatial learner. It’s also given me some wonderful ideas – for instance, I cannot believe I don’t have a picture dictionary, I know my son will LOVE that and I’m certain it be a big help to his reading process. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement and the sharing all of your experience. I plan to return to your blog regularly!