My LWOS Post: A Great Creative Learner Introduction

Since I posted a couple pages about how the right-brained, creative child learns to read, I wanted to follow it with the post that inspired them. During my insomnia night I posted about, I was able to create a post to some questions asked at the Life Without School blog that flowed from my fingertips onto the computer screen. The post that resulted is found at LWOS today titled Understanding the Right-Brained Creative Learner. I’m very pleased with it.

3 responses to “My LWOS Post: A Great Creative Learner Introduction

  1. Visiting your blog via the Country Carnival. Have you heard about the new Thomas Jefferson Education Blog Carnival? I think you should send your learning stages to that carnival too!

    Nice site!
    A Thomas Jefferson Blog Carnival

  2. Karen Purcell

    You may want to look at about a hands on technique using clay to teach the “little” sight words. Davis, who invented the method, as a way to teach himself to read also has a book called, The Gift of Dylexia. There have been 2 small research studies which “validate” the method. He too has strong opinions on early reading.

    This is a general response to your blog not to the specific post. You are so right that many creative kids get lost in a left brain world.

  3. Hello, do you have any speaking engagements coming up that are in or about Richmond VA? Thanks