Thank you 2007; Hello 2008!

Wow! 2007 has been a blur for me. So much has happened that has kept me from blogging as faithfully as I did the year before. And now 2008 approaches. I wonder what it holds!? I have hardly had a breath to consider my thoughts, goals, or desires for the new year, so I decided to take the time right now to do so via my blog.

Eric and Abbey, my two young adults (wow!) are off to a New Year’s Eve party; Eli is programming on his new laptop he received for Christmas (so many blessings this year! Thanks go to my Father in Heaven); Adam just requested another orange pop in his bedroom (that he has been sleeping in instead of ours since moving here one month ago, yay!); Alex is watching TV downstairs (is he watching one of his Full House episodes he received for Christmas?); William is watching the SpongeBob movie on our new flat screen TV (woohoo; we’re always some years behind the times before moving into new technology); Joseph is upstairs taking a bath while Dad watches TV on the other big flat screen TV with DVR (we’re only getting used to the possibilities!); and here I am . . . thinking.

Let’s see, as for computer time, I want to do less with my e-mail groups, more with my blog, and finally commit to writing my book. Now to accomplish the best timing for my writing to occur . . . morning? evening?

I look forward to all the possibilities that moving to the country holds for us. It has been super fantastic for William and Joseph. Every nice day, they spend large chunks of time outside, exploring, creating, living. So much of what we desire must wait until the old house sells. It’s not even on the market yet . . . yikes! I’ve finally hired a painter to get it all painted after realizing it is totally unreasonable to think myself, or even with at least two children helping at all times, it will get done. It just won’t. There’s still so much to do outside of that. I tell ya, seven years of living with seven children and seven pets does its damage 🙂

Here is a picture of the new place with an attempt at a Christmas letter family picture. Now that Eric is home (having come home about a week before Christmas from off his mission on medical leave), I need to redo it and try to do better.

It is a log home, obviously, on 15 acres. It provides the best of both worlds. My hubby wanted seclusion, and it doesn’t get better than this! We are completely surrounded by woods and we are at the end of a right of way, so absolutely no cars come past us at all since there is no public road for about a mile. I wanted to still be near everything that I have become accustomed to as a surburbia homeschooling dweller, and this is 5 minutes from a major interstate, a business highway and a good size city. Beat that!

It’s only 15 minutes from our old place as well so I didn’t have to switch doctors, dentists, shopping, churches, or friends. And, after almost a month of living in it, we all absolutely loved it the moment we stepped foot inside. I feel freer than I have in a very long time. Peace.

I guess I won’t spill everything out in one blog post. I’ll try to update everyone as time goes on. Hopefully, it will keep me active this year blogging. I’ve loved having my thoughts, ideas, and perspectives all in one handy location to reference again and again. I’ve begun printing it out as a type of journal. It’s all good.

I end by absolutely recognizing the Lord’s hand in our lives and the many blessings we enjoy each and every day. I just feel very grateful. I wish peace and joy to each and every one of you! See you in 2008!

2 responses to “Thank you 2007; Hello 2008!

  1. And I missed that you were blogging again!

    I enjoyed your article in HEM, I was getting ready to post about comic books right when this fool cold came down. I still have the newspaper article that got me thinking about it sitting out. Maybe next week….

    Are you coming to Chicago again?

  2. Hey Meg!

    I’m trying to rededicate to my blog. I’m due for a post again, but getting our old house ready for market has to take priority. But, I’m going to squeeze something in each week if I can.

    Thanks about my comic book HEM article. I thought it might be useful to people whose children inevitably will want to read comic books, and the parents will question these days its validity.

    Yes, I’ll be in Chicago! You? Let’s get together, if possible.