More Family Connections

I already shared about our fabulous connecting time with my Grandma Draney and all the Draney siblings this past Saturday, but now it’s time to share about the Friday before and the opportunity we had to connect with my hubby’s brothers and their families.

While dropping off our oldest son on his mission last year, we were able to visit one of Weston’s brothers out in Utah, Ben, and meet his new wife and children for the first time. They were able to come this past weekend as well. We were able to get together with Weston’s other brother, David, though, after not seeing them since 1996! (They were being expatriates in Malaysia last year when we were there.)  We had been able to meet up with one of their daughter’s, Malaina, during the mission drop-off trip, and meet their youngest daughter, Christina, on a trip she took out here to see her grandparents, but it had been too long for everyone else (including their first daughter, Jordan).

Here are the three (of the five total) Gaddis brothers (Ben/fifth born, David/first born, Weston/second born):

Here are the brothers and we sisters-in-law (two of us are Cindy’s!):

Now, what’s interesting about the next picture is that the Gaddis reproduction gene tends to favor the male species. In total, there are 5 Gaddis brothers and 2 Gaddis sisters. So far, they have produced 11 boy cousins and 6 girl cousins (plus, by adoption/marriage, another 2 boy cousins and 1 girl cousin). In this picture of cousins visiting this past weekend, they are all girls (we were only missing my daughter and a Gaddis girl daughter). Here they are in all their beauty:

It was the first day of the weekend that kicked off incredibly. Amazing days of connection with long-lost family! I hope it won’t be that far apart again. We’re intending to not let that happen 🙂

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