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I am one of the authors over at Life Without School and the blog post I wrote went up and gone before I noticed to make mention of it.  This was one of those posts that wrote itself.  In my passion for the right-brained, creative learner, I have an adage that says:  They love to learn; hate to be taught.  I always joke at the beginning of my right-brained workshops that if a parent started with the traditional teaching methods and timeframes most of us were raised on in institutionalized schooling, we probably ran up against a brick wall fairly quickly:  resistance!

In the unschooling world, people will claim that resistance means you are doing something poorly.  But, after hearing the phrase, “I have a resistant learner” on my creative learner list for the umpteenth time, I took a closer look at the word “resistance” and discovered a communication tool.  And so, here is my understanding of how resistance worked through our children called, Resistance:  A Communication Tool.

2 responses to “Resistant Learners – LWOS Post

  1. I am on your creative learning group and was intrigued.

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I loved this LWOS post and wanted to let you know I linked to it from the Elimination Communication yahoogroup. It may seem like an unlikely place to link, as the article isn’t about infants or using the potty, of course. However, we strive to meet the needs of our babies by communicating with them from birth. Viewing ALL the behavior of our children, even (and especially), the challenging behaviors as COMMUNICATION is an invaluable message that we should be reminded of as often as possible.

    So, Thank You!

    Gigi Kayser
    EC yahoogroup co-moderator
    Aspiring Unschooler
    aut-home-fam Listmate