Abbey chose to have me as one of her “special things” as part of her “senior pictures” portfolio. I’m so blessed to have a daughter who is my best friend.  I believe it is because of both how I parented her and the relationship I put first and foremost, as well as the beautiful spirit she is inside.  I believe my choice to homeschool was one of the reasons my relationship with each of my children is so incredible.  The other is my choice to be a respectful and gentle parent as much as I could create.  I wasn’t afraid to say sorry, and I consistently shared my own weaknesses with my children as they were learning and growing on their own journeys.  It seemed to give them strength and courage.

As much as I did my part, it was also easy to do with my birth children because of the sensitive and natural compassion they were born with.  In other words, they were really naturally respectful children.  I have had to struggle more with my adopted children as they have more “normal” tendencies toward bickering, fighting, teasing, and destruction.  They have allowed me the opportunity to heal more of my own negative past experiences as well as develop deeper strength in areas in order to be the respectful and gentle parent they deserve.  There has been need of many more apologies from me to them.

But, I digress.  My mother gave me “the curse”:  that I might have a daughter just like me.  I’m sorry she and I never had the environment and relationship in order to have something more than we did.  However, my daughter and I do have a lot of similarities, and because of different choices I have made, and the amazing person Abbey is and has chosen to develop, I absolutely adore my daughter.  May everyone have the opportunity for this same “blessing”

7 responses to “Mother/Daughter

  1. What a beautiful picture!!

  2. That’s a gorgeous picture. You really don’t look old enough to be her mom. As the child in a best friend mother/daughter pair, I know how important that relationship is. Funny… I was homeschooled by my mom, too.

  3. Gorgeous picture! You are both blessed. 🙂

  4. What a great picture and what a wonderful relationship it sounds like you two have!

  5. A great picture and great reflections on your relationship. You’ve done a great job there.

  6. You two are beautiful! So true that we learn so much about relationships from our children.

  7. Awww… Nice photos. So when are YOU going to send your daughter to this part of the country?