What a Surprise!

William (9) and Joseph (8) are in YMCA sports pretty much year round:  spring soccer, summer baseball, fall soccer and winter basketball.  My hubby, Weston, coaches year round for their teams.  Because coaching is volunteer, the sports activities person at the YMCA is always grateful for people like Weston.  So, it was a nice surprise when Jamie, the YMCA sports guy, called me up and let me know that Weston was receiving a coaching award for his time with his basketball team in 2008 at the 2008 YMCA award ceremony at the beginning of February.  We were all going to make it a surprise, so I partnered with Jamie to send pictures of Weston and our family, let the children in on the secret, and planned to all come to see his shock.

I should have known.  All the signs were there, but I was so focused in on creating the surprise for Weston, that none of us saw it coming.  Jamie encouraged us to bring our entire family (and when we arrived at the ceremony, Jamie had a table ready for us by an exit).  Yet, no one else had their families, but no, I’m oblivious.  Jamie starts his award portion and begins with the 2008 Strong Family Award.  So, I listen, thinking, that sounds like a nice family.  Then, the BIG cues come:  homeschooling, seven children, what!?  Jamie turned the tables and surprised me, and everyone, as recipients of the 2008 Strong Family Award!  Funny, the first thing I thought about was, “Is Weston still getting a coaching award, or was it all a guise?”  He did.  Here are the awards:

What’s funny, my best friend and her family received this award a few years previous and she had told me all about it.  If I had opened my eyes, I would have noticed.  She told me about her family being the only ones with children; I noticed, but I just didn’t let it register.  Jamie had asked me all sorts of things about each child.  Jamie’s wife, while at the table, mentioned reading my blog, but I just figured they were asking to highlight the family of a coaching award recipient.  Jamie asked me to send four pictures of Weston, and four pictures of the family; again, I figured it was to show his family as well.  My friend had mentioned Jamie approached her at the YMCA for information about the family, and I let it slide.  So, you see, it was all there.  The coaching award was the perfect “cover” for me to be surprised.  Here are the pictures of all the award recipients.  The first picture was Weston, me, Eli, William and Joseph, and the second picture, we managed to convince Adam to join us (Abbey was there as well, but must have been cut from this picture) (Eric and Alex had stayed home . . . not knowing all of this, of course).

What A Surprise!

It’s an honor.

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  1. Congratulations! What a great story.

  2. And a well-deserved one. Congratulations!