Owner/Lead Facilitator

Secular Resume

Cindy has been immersed in the creative education world for almost 30 years. Opening the Creative Learning Day Center is the culmination of her life’s work to offer affordable creative educational alternatives to public and private education institutions. Her experiences that led her here include: Continue reading here….



Christian Values

In Acts 10:34, it is said by Peter “that God is no respecter of persons.” I try to be the same and thus I have both secular and Christian friends. One of my good (more secular) friends of mine and I were talking one day and I was sharing with her my confidence in the process of educating my children. She suddenly declared, “You have a worldview that seems to make it easier for you to not fear.” She’s right! That “worldview” is actually my eternal view on my time in this world. It is my reliance on and faith in Jesus Christ to lead and guide me on this path we call Life. I release fear that is so common in this uncertain world with faith that He has me! Continue reading here


God’s Plan for Me

I would like to share the amazing experience with God’s will in my life I had in obtaining the house and property that has ultimately become the site for The Creative Learning Day Center. I will simply share the God moments in acquiring the property, but I assure you there are many equally amazing God moments before the acquisition to get me to that spot and many afterward that has brought me to this time in place. Continue reading here