Christian Values

Cindy Gaddis, Owner/Lead Facilitator

In Acts 10:34, it is said by Peter “that God is no respecter of persons.” I try to be the same and thus I have both secular and Christian friends. One of my good (more secular) friends of mine and I were talking one day and I was sharing with her my confidence in the process of educating my children. She suddenly declared, “You have a worldview that seems to make it easier for you to not fear.” She’s right! That “worldview” is actually my eternal view on my time in this world. It is my reliance on and faith in Jesus Christ to lead and guide me on this path we call Life. I release fear that is so common in this uncertain world with faith that He has me!

I felt God’s light at a very young age, probably 4-5 years old. I was led to seek Him out from that time forward and one of my assumptions is that all people, including children, have that capacity. Since adulthood, I have served the Lord in many capacities. I have taught children’s Sunday School classes for over ten years, I have served in the leadership of children’s spiritual programming for over five years, I have served as a daily (before school) scripture study teacher for youth in high school for eight years, and another three years serving the youth as a Sunday School teacher. I strive to be an active disciple of Christ in my daily life. With that in mind, I have three core Christian values that I bring into how I educated my children, and what I hope to share at The Creative Learning Day Center:

First, God has blessed us with gifts that we are meant to share with the world, and on the opposite spectrum, weaknesses to learn and grow from as we rely on Him to help us. It’s why I believe in a strengths-based education paradigm. I have come to discover through raising my children that I was given the gift of being a master teacher. It wasn’t something I created; it was always inside me. Yes, like the parable of the talents as found in Matthew 25:14-29, I developed the gifts He gave me to help them grow, but it all comes from Him. Because of this knowledge and viewpoint, I feel it is my obligation to share the gifts I have with others. The Lord has led me to open the Creative Learning Day Center to bless others with all the knowledge He has given to me over the journey. I want to mentor young people on how to find the gifts and talents God has given them and use it to bless their families and the world.

Second, we are spiritual beings housed in temporal bodies. One of our opportunities here in Life is to strengthen our spirits so that it has dominion over our bodies. Children are learning how their bodies (and emotions) work and they need mentors to help strengthen their spirits in order to understand their bodies. Some of us have been given more complicated or intense bodies than others. These are not “bad children,” but children who need more skills and strategies in order to benefit from the blessing of their bodies. It is another area I have been naturally blessed to understand: emotional intelligence coaching, and that I have developed over the years with my seven emotion-based creative children. I have then reached out to help others, including through my consultation services.

Third, because of my Christian perspective I have shared above, I believe we are kindred spirits walking the same path of learning and growing as we lean on and trust in the Lord and using His Atonement. I have the perspective of walking alongside my children as they figure it out, as a traveller who has walked a bit longer than they have along the path that might serve them well to know what I have learned.  Because of the way I view this, my children invite me to travel with them on their path, and I feel honored to be of help to them. This has cemented our eternal relationship.

I would be honored to be part of your child’s life journey for a season in any way that might benefit them. These are the Christian values I bring to the table as each of your children discover the gifts and talents God has given them and find their purpose in using these gifts to bless the world. Thank you for entrusting me to be a contributing part to following God’s path for them!