God’s Plan for Me

Cindy Gaddis, Owner/Lead Facilitator

I would like to share the amazing experience with God’s will in my life I had in obtaining the house and property that has ultimately become the site for The Creative Learning Day Center. I will simply share the God moments in acquiring the property, but I assure you there are many equally amazing God moments before the acquisition to get me to that spot and many afterward that has brought me to this time in place.

I had always noticed the cute farmhouse as I drove past it many times a week; always kept up nice, but never seeing anyone actively coming and going from it. One day, a For Sale sign went up in the yard. Shortly after, when I passed it and took note, I felt a prompting from the Spirit to look into purchasing it. What? Nah. It must be my imagination. Two more times I felt the same prompting on two separate occasions. (You know, we’re not always quick to recognize the Lord.) I thought, Okay, okay, I’ll look into it. I didn’t know why though.

I jotted down the number and called the realtor. It was an empty house if I wanted to set up a time to see it anytime. I did so. It was priced right. The house had never been updated, but had a neat and tidy mix of 50s and 70s and antique decor and furnishings. Two immediate thoughts entered my mind: This would be perfect for your Day Center and eventually, a place for one of my sons with autism to live who absolutely adores older homes with, wait for it, 50s and 70s decor and furnishings. How perfect! (As if the Lord didn’t know that.)

Okay, it’s pretty awesome Lord, but what about the down payment that surely a second home would require? Surely you know we don’t have that. To my astonishment, a week later, in the mail comes a retirement buy-out opportunity from a previous employer of my husband’s! For the exact amount needed! Well, we didn’t even question that we were to proceed. And so we did. Coincidence? I don’t think so! God’s will and plan for us? Absolutely! What a testimony builder! God lives and leads and directs our lives if we pay attention and act on His promptings through the Holy Spirit.

As mentioned previously, the Lord’s hands continued to be evident as we restored the home, including a version of the fishes and loaves (Mark 6:35-44) as it pertains to the monies needed to update all elements of the home, from electricity to plumbing to a heating/cooling system to a new kitchen. It included service to a needy family and learning patience for His timing. And now He says the timing is right.

I look forward to being of service to your family as I share God’s gifts and talents He has given me in which to bless others. I look forward to hearing the various God stories that brings you to this place as it has brought me, too!