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Does your child have a highly developed imagination and spend hours doing one or more of the following:  computers/video games, building/electronics, art/ photography, theater/showmanship, fashion/sewing, puzzles/mazes, cooking/ gardening, or music/dance? Yet, does your child struggle with math facts, learning to read, or spelling, or is labeled with ADD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, gifted, or Asperger’s? Do people consider your child smart, but lazy, living below his potential, or she resists your teaching methods? You may have a right-brained learner.

Schools use a scope and sequence that favors the strengths and gifts of a left-brained dominant person. Because most of us were schooled in these left-brained dominant schools, we learned to value left-brained traits, too.  If we have right-brained children, though, we’ll soon notice they do things differently.  These are intelligent, creative, and inquisitive children who often seem to flounder in school. They resist or perform poorly because we are not teaching in the way they learn. We use left-brained teaching methods on a right-brained child. The good news and hope is that there exists a valid and strengths-based educational approach best suited for right-brained learners, and, with it, they flourish and thrive.

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