Learning Resources

Print Material:


Over 2,500 book titles, ranging from age 5 to adult
(Photos not exhaustive.)


















































Over 500 individual curriculum titles, from K to 12
(May be used for free at The Creative Learning Center)
(Photos not exhaustive.)



















Interactive Resources (this list is not exhaustive):

Audio books/audio player

Microscope and other science tools

Construction sets (at least six types, including LEGO)

Math manipulatives and hands-on materials

Language cards, manipulatives, and materials

Board games

Puzzles (from age 2 to adult level, including 3-D)

Snap Circuits, electronic boards, physics set


Sewing machine

Cooking tools

Gardening tools

Foreign Languages:

Spanish (extensive)

Japanese (extensive)

French (moderate)

Sign Language (moderate)

German (minimal)

Musical Instruments:

Piano/music books

Snare drum

Clarinet/music books


Trumpet/music book

Consumables (this list is not exhaustive):


Art supplies

Science supplies

Craft supplies

Writing utensils (markers, pens, pencils, etc.)

Paper supplies (drawing, tracing, construction, etc.)

Wood scraps