Secular Resume

Cindy Gaddis, Owner/Lead Facilitator

Cindy has been immersed in the creative education world for almost 30 years. Opening the Creative Learning Day Center is the culmination of her life’s work to offer affordable creative educational alternatives to public and private education institutions. Her experiences that led her here include:

  • Home educating her seven creative children for the past 30 years.
  • Published in Home Education MagazineGrowing Without Schooling and finally offering her own successful book, The Right Side of Normal: Understanding and Honoring the Natural Learning Path for Right-Brained Children (endorsed by top educational professionals).
  • Produces original educational articles on her personal blog, Applestars, from 2006-2013, on the group block, Life Without School from 2006-2009, and on her own website, The Right Side of Normal since 2012 to current.
  • Provides consultation services particularly surrounding the topic of strengths-based education, creative learners, and natural learning since 2013.
  • Created and facilitated two active yahoo groups (aut-home-fam in 1999 and homeschoolingcreatively in 2006) until we phased over to FB groups several years ago.
  • Offers a variety of conference workshop topics as a popular speaker every year since 2000, attending three to five a year. Previous to this was participating at a state education conference as a presenter in 1997, co-hosting the creation of a local conference in 1997-98, and appearing on television and radio in the same years. Here is access to my most popular workshop that was presented at an on-line conference.
  • Organizing and orchestrating many early homeschooling support groups between the years of 1992 and 1998.
  • Extensive research and knowledge in the areas of right-brained (creative) learning, homeschooling, autism, foster adoption, bipolar, emotional intelligence, gentle parenting, learning disabilities, unschooling, giftedness, parenting teens, and so much more!


As The Creative Learning Day Center grows, Cindy has some fabulous, qualified people waiting to step in as additional Facilitators.