Senior Pictures

Our family hasn’t been overly about plugging into school type traditions. In fact, Eric “officially” graduated from our homeschool on his 18th birthday, over a year ago, and yet, here we were today, getting what we told the photographer were his “senior pictures”.

There are several differences that have already shown up both in Eric’s “diploma” and his “senior pictures”. Being my first child and all, you’d think I would be all ready and excited about putting together both of these “big events”, but either it’s just not my style to make big productions, which is true, or I just can’t seem to get motivated in putting a lot of stock in these worldly schoolish traditions.

The diploma came about because Eric was starting a job that required one. I sat down with Abbey, who is so good at things like that on the computer, and I was able to produce one that I was pleased with. As I decided and contemplated about when the official diploma date should read, and he was starting this job on his 18th birthday, since it required that age to be hired, it suddenly occurred to me to use his 18th birth date. And so, a potential “tradition” in our home began. Instead of ending our homeschool year in June, it ended in February for this child, on his birthday.

And now senior pictures, which traditionally are taken sometime in the fall or winter of your senior year, are being taken for Eric one year later. Why, you ask? Well, I don’t see it as senior pictures more than I see it as his “year of transition”. As mentioned in my previous post, Eric is preparing to leave in less than three weeks to begin a journey to serve the Lord for two years on a church mission. He chose to work toward this goal around his 18th birthday. So, as he saw a lot of his peers going off to college, he wanted to continue his role in our home as it had always been until his 19th birthday, which is the age in which he can apply for this mission. And so, things continued as always . . . kinda like when we decided to homeschool him all those years ago . . . in order to allow things to continue as always . . . so, I guess we came full circle with the ages of 5 and 18.

Admittedly, I want to capture that “moment in time”, if you would, about who my oldest son is before he leaves home for the first time for an extended period of time. He chose to have some shots taken of him in his missionary attire (i.e., suit and tie), in some casual attire that he was rather attached to over the past year, and a Japanese outfit along with a couple of Japanese swords to pose with that reflects his particular interest in everything Japanese throughout his teen years. It was fun seeing him enjoy his “professional photography shoot” . . . about 100 pictures taken . . . oh, we’re paying through our nose for it, but as I said before, I wasn’t one to make big deals over big deals, so I tried to do so at this time of closure.

The transition party is yet to be arranged (i.e., usually known as the “graduation open house”). . . last minute as always for me and mine . . . like the pictures . . . so stay tuned to see if “memorable” still occurs!


3 responses to “Senior Pictures

  1. momof3feistykids

    We have a flexible timetable on observing milestones, too. 🙂 Congratulations to Eric!

  2. Cindy aka applestars

    You know, I just realized something after writing this and seeing your reply. I think these milestones, as you put it, are flexible in our home because the traditional reasons they occur with mainstream America doesn’t quite fit into how we’ve lived our lives. Take, for example, the diploma. Public school students receive a diploma as proof they jumped through certain hoops established by that institution. We don’t have hoops to jump through in our homeschool, so, a different reason cropped up to create the diploma . . . seeking a job that required one. The same can be said of our senior picture situation. Interesting . . .

  3. Diplomas are needed for hoop jumping. When one needs one for a job, we jump the hoop. I am currenly jumping medical hoops for my daughter. Peronally, I think all hoops should be left for gov’t and the rest of us left alone.