Busy Week . . . So Much to Write About

There is so much going on for me to keep my nose above the water with . . . too much to explain to everyone. Basically, it is the nitty gritty of getting interventions going for each of my three boys with special needs, and the day to day workings and needs of seven children.

Anyway, I am trying to prepare myself for the workshops I will present this weekend in Virginia at their homeschool conference. One is a workshop I’ve done many times and it is at a very well organized place. The other is one I’ve given a few times, but I’ve revised it a bit for this conference utilizing information I created because of my blog!

Anyway, after this weekend, I have carved out some time that I will be devoting a portion of to my blog, so hopefully, I’ll be posting more. What’s funny is that I have eight posts in draft that I started after being inspired from another blog, but never finished, or frankly, simply referenced the post to get back to when I have time. Does anyone else do this? Hopefully, I’ll do something with those drafts in the next month.

Tomorrow’s filled with testing for Adam to continue his state services, a doctor appointment for William to finally start figuring out his GI issues from birth, and then dinner at night thanking the young lady who worked for me with Adam and Alex this summer as it is her last day tomorrow, along with my sister-in-law, who is leaving for college in a week. So, no time available tomorrow besides try to get my bags packed.

Then, Friday morning, Abbey and I take off for the conference. I’m so excited to meet Stephanie over at Throwing Marshmallows, and simply be surrounded by excited homeschoolers, and spend some girl time with my daughter away from the chaos that is our lives surrounded by our special boys.

Anyway, I’ll touch base when we get back and try to get started on some of those draft posts!

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