Oh My Gosh!

It’s my hubby and I’s anniversary today, and we both forgot . . . LOL! When I posted the previous post, I saw the date, and went, oh my gosh! and looked over at my hubby, who is on the other computer across from me, and I stated, “It’s our anniversary today!” He went, “Oops!”

Well, so much for 21 years . . . LOL! I get rewarded everyday, so that’ll have to do this time around 🙂 We’ll celebrate next week, when we have some breathing room. We’ve both been filled with some crazy days, at his work and me at home.

6 responses to “Oh My Gosh!

  1. Oh, no, it’s contagious! We forgot our anniversary this month, too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!



  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy belated anniversary. 🙂 I hope you and A. had a great time at the Va. conference.

  5. Yes, happy belated anniversary. My DH enjoyed your session at the conference, but there were so many people around you both before and after the session that I didn’t stop by. DH said that you had so much energy and enthusaism and could tell you really loved this “learning stuff.”

  6. Oh, that’s too funny! Hope you managed a great celebration afterall! 21 years, CONGRATS!