I would like to write in my blog on a daily basis. The thing is that I have to find the time that allows for my in-depth thinking when I write in my blog, at a time that I feel like writing in-depth, without trampling on other more pressing wants and needs. So, I’m going to try to do it first thing after my morning routine . . . which means around this time Monday through Friday at least.

The new fall rhythm started on Monday. It came right after my weekend presenting at the VA Homeschooler’s conference, which was a blast! I was able to meet Stephanie from Throwing Marshmallows, and she was exactly as she appears on her blog and on e-mail. In fact, I find that if a friendship develops through these mediums, when the chance occurs to meet in real life, it has been so natural and affirming, and the friendship blossoms like old friends meeting again. So, I am a total believer in friendships being able to develop on-line! Stephanie wasn’t feeling well, but when we were able to get together, we had an endless supply of topics to talk about 🙂

I was also able to meet Jeanne, another featured speaker, at the conference, that I bumped into on an unschooling list. She was also very easy to form a friendship with, and she, Stephanie and I spent hours Sunday morning bonding, sharing, and supporting each other’s journey. I love my women friends that value what I do! I was able to gather some strength and insight from this conversation in parenting my youngest, strong-willed child.

What a great conference, with diverse and fabulous workshops, and awesome organizers and attendees! I encourage anyone in the area to consider attending it in future.

It certainly got me focused on one of my passions: understanding and celebrating the right-brained, visual-spatial, creative learner. Which lead me right into my new, carved-out time dedicated to trying to write my first book about the same topic. So, Monday through Friday mornings are about writing this book. But, writing in my blog may help me kick start my writing brain, or that’s the thinking . . .

I’ll admit, this weekend at the conference around such passionate women who want to make a difference helps me believe that I am capable of doing the same. Do others feel that way, or is it my idealism showing? I want to empower and unite others in a cause and belief that is important to me and change the world! Is that too much to ask? LOL!

To end, I’ll share one of my own beliefs I created, that I have been honing for a while (and I encourage feedback and suggestions for improvement). I created it in response to all those people who remark “how amazing I am”. The fact is though, that *I’m* not amazing, but the life I am living amazes me, and humbles me, and stretches me. But, it stems from the blessings from and knowledge I have of a loving Heavenly Father and the awesome plan of happiness earth life offers. So, my “quote” reflects how I feel my life has been up to now, and how I hope it will continue:

“I am an ordinary person, given every day opportunities. Life becomes extraordinary in the taking and building up of those opportunities.”

2 responses to “Rhythms

  1. I agree with the last two lines in your post wholeheartedly. I am rooting for you as you write your book!

  2. I really enjoyed hearing your experiences at the VaHomeschoolers conference (I attended both your afternoon sessions). I’m going to (eventually) post a little bit about rhythms and some of the things I learned from you! At least, that is my plan…

    Good luck with the book. I’m looking forward to reading it.