Life Without School Post – Bookworms

Yeah! My post is up at Life Without School entitled “Bookworms”. When I wrote it a few weeks ago, it just flowed off my fingertips. It’s my preface musings before I want to write a post that delves a little bit more into the reading world of my children. But, I wanted this posted first. So, let me know what you think 🙂

I’m cheating off today with this post because the day is almost gone, and I wasn’t able to complete the blog post I started earlier today. It takes a long time for me to put my thoughts together! Often, it’s because I’m putting my thoughts together as I feed off someone else’s thoughts . . . the extravert in me, I guess. The one I started hopefully can get published tomorrow. So, this keeps me on my daily goal of posting on my blog.


Why is it that there’s always an animal nearby, especially a cat, when reading happens in our home?  LOL!

One response to “Life Without School Post – Bookworms

  1. I love pictures of kids with their pets. Our dog is not calm enough for the kids to read nearby . . . LOL My kids generally choose to read in bed.