Success or Failure?

My post is up at Life Without School titled Success or Failure? It continues my story about my son’s decision about his relationship with formal academics as well as his path to adulthood and how that would look. This is where it was supposed to end “happily ever after”, but as he has done all his life, my son continues to show me that he will take the path less traveled, and figure things out his own way and in his own time. It’s been an interesting journey, and I’m eager to continue walking alongside him as he reaches out for his next goals that serve particular purposes and learning experiences to him.

One response to “Success or Failure?

  1. This is an interesting article, dealing with concepts that I know I have been pondering myself. Although we are not unschooling, we follow a delight-directed CM approach full of wonderful books and great curricula. I wonder how my children will be able to adapt to traditional, dry college curricula in a myriad of subjects in which they have no real interest. I wonder how they will deal with being completely outside the structure of family and into a life surrounded by a million distractions, all more fun than completing assignments for such required classes.
    It has had me rethinking how the process can be approached with a more personalized way for my kids, and this article touched on new ideas. Thanks for sharing!