Insomnia: Creative Bursts or Stress Release?

Here I am in the middle of the night, wide awake. This happened about a month ago as well. It’s frustrating when I’m lying there knowing I need my sleep. On the other hand, when I give in to the inevitable and embrace it, I am astounded by the level of creativity that emerges from my mind! I may actually begin to desire my insomniac times.

I felt a bit ill and went to bed at midnight. My son, Adam, who lives with autism and has the traditional trait that comes with the disorder, a significant sleep pattern difference, is usually ready to come to bed around 1:00-2:00 a.m., depending on when he awoke. This night it would be around 2:00 a.m., so I set my cell phone alarm and went to sleep quickly. Adam immediately consented to retire at the designated time, but I also had popped completely awake . . . never a good sign. After taking his melatonin, Adam was sleeping within about 30 minutes, while I continued to stare, wide-eyed at the slow changing digital clock at my beside. At 3:00 a.m., I decided to see what I could accomplish.

I had agreed to create a post over at Life Without School in relation to a couple of questions that were posed there at various areas. I have not taken the opportunity to discuss the right-brained learner often there, and this was just that moment to do so. I decided to sit down and see what emerged. I just love it when writing flows from my fingertips, and that’s exactly what happened tonight. It wrote itself, and I can amaze myself at what results. The creativity burst from my insomnia helps relieve certain stresses I take upon myself willingly that naturally accumulate in the household of unique individuals I call my family and the lifestyle that most benefits each through home/unschooling, including my own personal development through writing and speaking.

The post I created is to come out in mid-June, so I’ll let everyone know when to go take a peek after “peaking” your interest . . . LOL! See, even the puns come out 😉 And, after so many months of a dry spell on my blog, maybe this post in the middle of the night will kick start a new segment of thoughts to share with you all.

I guess I’ll go see if I can catch a couple of hours before daylight.

3 responses to “Insomnia: Creative Bursts or Stress Release?

  1. Interesting, Cindy. I’ve missed your posts!
    Several of my friends in their perimenopausal years have complained of insomnia. I haven’t ever noticed the creativity connection but I will watch for it next time I have a bout. I have noticed that insomnia is a reaction to stress on my part. I seem to have to get in my hour of worrying somehow — so my body wakes me up at 3 am so I can do it in peace : ). I’ve learned to write a mental list in my head of all the worries that pop into my head, because knowing what they are helps me deal with them and put them in perspective.

  2. I’ve missed my “blogging family” as well, including the special voices like yours.

    I think I remember hearing that the aging period also brings in bouts of insomnia for some people, and I guess I’m one of the lucky ones . . . LOL! Yes, mine definitely is associated with the feeling of my “plate being too full” and I need to clear some of it off and it is creating a form of stress. But, once I embraced it instead of fighting it, the creativity bursts resulted, so now I just take advantage of it when it happens. I had another insomnia night about a month ago, and then last night, and I cleared a LOT off my plate in a very agreeable manner 🙂


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