Comic Books and Creative Learners

I had an article published in Home Education Magazine back in January-February, 2008, and I finally got around to putting it up as a page on my blog. It is continued support and guidance for those with creative learners as it pertains to their reading path in joy.

So many creative learners become fluent readers using the comic book resource, but I found that parents have a negative connotation to these great visual resources because of negative conditioning in our society and other sources. Here is a post that can help you understand exactly why comic books work so well for the creative learner in their process to becoming proficient readers.

2 responses to “Comic Books and Creative Learners

  1. i remember that article and loved it. Hubby was a big fan of comic books as a kid/teen and he credits his large vocabulary and knowledge in a large part from that.

    And to answer your question. I didn’t have him log comic books/graphic novels because I knew we wouldn’t be listing them for colleges and would have gone on and on and on…….

    I just asked him and he ‘thinks’ he has about 3000 comic books and 200 graphic novels. Way too much to list.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. If you have any good suggestions on comic books and graphic novels for my 9 y/o “right brained” son, please send them along. 🙂 He’s read a few YuGiOh! Manga, but otherwise I don’t know where to start.