TV and Play

Like most little people, my children have enjoyed screen-time entertainment.  Interestingly, though, as they became teens, most of them only watch limited TV; to those particular programs they enjoy, like Mythbusters, or a periodic special movie.

But no child has benefited from TV to an obvious level as I have seen with William.  No matter how many times he watches a movie or show, within minutes, or even before it is finished, he will be pretending some aspect of what he saw and was impressed by.  For instance, he happened across Reading Rainbow the other day that had a momentary focus on hockey, and what did I see outside within minutes?  This:

He is the one on the right, and the clothes is the first place he almost always starts.  He has on pajama bottoms, which always allow for the “tight fit” of any type of representation needing that, with a sporting top that bears a number, tucked in, of course.  He had dug out of a not-much-used box of outdoor equipment and found these rollerblades of his oldest brother when he was that age!  (He had given his younger brother, Joseph, a turn with them in this photo.)  He then decided my hubby’s (old) golf clubs would make the perfect hockey stick, and a baseball as the puck.  The only cement we have around our home now is the area around the pool.  So, around and around he “skated” as he moved the “puck” around with his “hockey stick”.  This naturally led to talk of arranging to go to some homeschool skate days, which they have never done before.  Interests can arise anywhere; anytime.  For William, it is often first inspired through screen time.

He is watching Charlotte’s Web now; something he hasn’t chosen for a while.  Time will tell what will emerge from that today 🙂

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  1. My daughter is one to absorb an idea by recreating it. When she was around 5yo, she saw “Star Wars Episode 1” on television. The next day, she recreated all of the main bits and a good chunk of dialog using whatever was handy. Mostly, it was nativity scene figures. My husband and I sat observing in muffled admiration.

    Many storybook characters become imaginary friends around here, once thier tale is told or read. We surmise that after she spends so much time in their world, she feels it is only polite to invite them to visit hers for a while.

  2. It’s nice to read about the benefits of T.V. — it lends some needed balance to the discussion. 🙂

  3. I see a pet spider in your future

    Great improvisation on the hockey sticks. You can tell you live in the south though. I think you can lose your Canadian citizenship for not having a hockey stick. 😉

  4. LOL Jove! I’ve had Canadian friends many times and they claim their children are born with skates on their feet and a hockey stick in their hands 🙂 My hubby and I were born and raised in Michigan, thus, why we know more than others about such things, including using Canadian coins all the time (and not realizing that wasn’t normal until using one further south . . . LOL!). “Backyard hockey” was big for my hubby growing up on the pond in the country. He LOVES hockey and had always lamented our small town didn’t have a league. Red Wings are, of course, who he roots for . . .

  5. If you are from MIchigan then there is no reason not to have a whole pile of hockey sticks and a goal net in your garage and your husband getting out in the drive with a bunch of the kids playing road hockey. League, shmeague.

    I come from a long line of Leafs fans and in my old age am getting more an more grumpy about expansion. Anyone who roots for an original 6 team is okay by me.

  6. Whoops! I meant to make it clear that my hubby lamented no league when HE was growing up in our small town in Michigan. He enjoyed his backyard hockey as much as one can with limited competition, though they gathered who they could on their pond.

    As for our boys, we tend to wait for an interest to arise, through exposure first to peak it. My hubby watches hockey every year, of course. We have taken them skating, but it was “too cold” for their Southern-born bodies 🙂 But, maybe this has done the peaking . . . we’ll be following through with the skating aspect.

    Plus, my hubby likes to match a bit of the body-type with athletics. He thinks both Joseph’s natural inclination to take anyone down he sees, and his size, are a perfect match for wrestling. So, we’re going to look into that this winter. Right now, William really likes basketball, but maybe looking into something hockey-based will inspire him.

    In the meantime, backyard hockey/road hockey it is! LOL! You are TOO funny 🙂


  7. Let’s just hope you don’t find him hanging from the corner of the rafters!! 🙂 I’ve got one of those ‘actor-outers’, and he can hardly even finish a television show before he is off acting out what he has seen!

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