Brave JoJo Gift Book by Abbey

Again, this is a continuation from my post about homemade Christmas gifts.  This post highlights the book Abbey made for JoJo, who was into Indians at the time, and particularly, his bow and arrow.  My creative daughter is SO clever.

5 responses to “Brave JoJo Gift Book by Abbey

  1. Another cute one! Great job, Abbey!

  2. Oh my gosh … that is amazing! She is multi-talented — a desktop publisher and writer. What program did she use to put Jojo in those pictures?

  3. Awesome!
    Can you tell us what program she used to accomplish this?
    LOL – I don’t always know what my kids used to do what they do.

  4. Actually, she cut and pasted. She could then rescan the picture as if it was done with a program. We don’t own a cool desktop publisher yet, but if we did, I’ll bet she could do it 🙂

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