As noted in my previous post, my youngest had his birthday around Christmas Day.  He chose to have a jello cake, that turned out scrumptuous:

And now Alex is celebrating his “birthday week”.  His birthday is officially December 31 and he will be 14.  Alex continues his love of ceiling fans and is currently into “vintage fans”.  With the mentoring of his older sister, he has established his own You Tube channel and has discovered through this venue that there are other “ceiling fan lovers” out there; one right near here in Charlotte even!  They have been his recent inspiration toward vintage, though his Grandpa Draney’s old ceiling fan in his workshop first kickstarted it a few years back.  (The story goes that his Grandpa Draney got the fan from Alex’s great grandpa Bellingar, and once he installed it in his workshop, it has been going non-stop ever since.  These are stories that light up my son’s eyes with interest . . .)

So, first, I had to remind him that Santa doesn’t do “vintage”.   He only does new, so if he gets one, it has to come from his parents (tradition is that there are two Santa presents and one parent present).  So, he was excited to discover that one of his presents under the tree “couldn’t be wrapped” because “they were old”.  I was able to take a stroll at our new downtown that reminds me a lot of the little town I grew up in; at least the architecture being similar.  There were several antique shops, but no vintage CEILING fans, but there were a few vintage TABLE fans.  So, I hoped for the best when I found two at a great price.  Here he is opening his vintage presents:

And here’s what they look like.  The store owner guessed they were 1940s and 1950s, and they both still work:

He was satisifed enough about the idea they were table fans versus ceiling fans, especially when he was told that there are antique stores he could check out with his big sister during their special trips for the work she does with him.  He didn’t waste any time and off they went on the Friday after Christmas.  Lo and behold, there had been a large hardware store downtown that I had originally thought to check out, but didn’t.  And wouldn’t you know, they have some older ceiling fans!  So, guess what he wanted for his birthday present?  He and his dad went on Saturday to make the purchase.  My hubby was pretty impressed with the store (it had a basement as well, wow!).  Here is the great find:

And so Alex’s love of ceiling fans continues to evolve as outlined in a previous post found here.  Who knows what profession Alex will end up in?  Vintage ceiling fan store owner?  Car mechanic?  Time will tell . . .

Happy birthday my two “youngest” boys!

2 responses to “Birthdays

  1. Happy birthday to them!

    I think it is so great they way you facilitate their passion!

    The fan on the right is exactly like the one we had when I was growing up. In fact, it may still be in my mom’s basement. What a huge difference from the fans of today. I remember being told not to touch the fan, and I never did. It was obvious that my fingers would not fare well.

  2. Happy birthday to them both!