Inspiration to Dictating Stories

I was given a link to Patricia’s blog about children dictating stories.  It got me thinking about my 10-year-old, William, who is very imaginative, but has difficulty creating stories, unlike most right-brained children.  This is because he has difficulty with language as a whole.  I also have a child with autism, Alex, who loved to hear his brothers and sister tell him stories, but had trouble telling his own stories.  Both of these children are less capable in writing and drawing.  Here are a couple ways we inspired stories from them:

William wanted to get “real pictures” of knights and fighting, his favorite topic.  So, thanks to my favorite writing resource as a base and the on-line world of google images, we found plenty and I printed them off.  He then meticulously cut them out, glued them in his story, and dictated his creation.  He just loved it.  He has done one about Indians as well.

I hope you can see these alright.   I need to invest in a nice camera!  Anyway, my daughter created a comic book for my son with autism about his favorite item, ceiling fans.  So, she took pictures of his ceiling fans and cut them out.  She then cleverly took pictures of various “Mii’s”, which is part of the Wii system, and used those as the characters.  Though Abbey could draw these characters, she knew it would add another cool element for her brother.  It would also inspire him that he could make his own using this as his “drawing device”.

I thought it might inspire other young creators out there, or not so young, but less artistically inclined, to figure out new ways to tell their stories.

4 responses to “Inspiration to Dictating Stories

  1. Great ideas! My boys also cut out pictures from magazine and catalogs and then make them into things to “sell” at their “store” and put them into the “houses” they’ve made on another by gluing pictures on another piece of paper. They sell and trade these items, stock their stores, decorate their houses, add pets, etc. for hours some days.

  2. Oooh, that might be a good idea for my two youngest boys. They LOVE their “brothers”, which are all their stuffed toys. They love my daughter’s old Littlest Pet Shops. This could be a good idea to get them playing TOGETHER for once; you know, with more of a purpose than to wrestle down the other one . . . LOL!

  3. love these ideas! my RB ds8 also likes your idea of tracing animals to use in his story! Thanks for always helping us learn!

  4. What wonderful ideas! I love the books and it’s so sweet that Abbey wanted to make a book for her brother. 🙂 The Wii people add the perfect look!