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I’ve been so blessed to have an amazing journey of learning through understanding and supporting my children as they find their passion and purpose in life.  As I matured in this knowledge, my friend Rebecca (who I met on an on-line forum!) from Illinois and associated with the In-Home Conference for their state, asked if I would be interested in speaking.  That was 2002.  It would be the first step in the igniting of my passion regarding the right-brained learner.  It was at this conference that my tentative steps at sharing the myriad of things that my children taught me about that learning style grew exponentially.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to take the information about the right-brained learner further by writing a book.  I wanted to be the means through which real change might occur in our current out-dated educational system regarding this learner.  But I struggled.  I realized that I had to introvert myself enough to write, and I was failing in that endeavor.  So, I decided to help myself in a two-fold manner by created a yahoo group to discuss my perspective on the right-brained learner.  That was a few weeks after one of my presentations at the In-Home Conference, so March of 2006.  First, writing e-mails is an extraverted way to write and second, I’ve been amazed at how much my knowledge has achieved clarity through helping diverse people navigate the implementation of this new and better information about how a creative person learns.

That takes me to today.  I dedicated this summer to beginning my book I’ve envisioned.  I got started, and then had to abandon it for a crisis in the home.  Now that I have come out of that, I want to rededicate myself, but I think I need accountability.  So, I’ve decided to write consistently on my blog, at least weekly, to share what I’ve accomplished.  Anyone willing to nudge me along would be greatly appreciated.

I have the first three chapters done.  Today, I worked from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (and is my goal every day, when everyone seems to need me less; I just needed to get off e-mail and blog reading :-)) and really nailed down Chapter Four.  By “done” at this point, I mean the writing is there, along with any visuals I wanted inserted.  I intend to put about a page worth of questions and answers at the end of each chapter associated with the topic, gleaned from my own writing on my e-mail group to personalize things.  That will have to come at the very end.  I want to complete the book by December 31!  If I can commit to at least this four hours a day, plus maybe eight on Saturday, I think it is possible.

It’s absolutely exciting as I put it together.  I feel a great responsibility to complete this on behalf of all the creative children whom I love dearly.  Interestingly, I’m developing a friendship with someone locally who I noticed some time back that I felt drawn to, but only recently had the opportunity to follow through with it.  Coincidentally, she is an amazing entrepreneur in her past life and upon learning of my personal goals has encouraged me to think big, even as I sometimes undermine myself in believing it is possible.

On the other hand, I know one of the beliefs regarding those who are successful at what they do is something to the effect of “they believe in something and are not afraid to go for it.”  I believe in what I do with the right-brained learner SO much, but I do recognize fear in my life.  Here’s to overcoming it by holding myself accountable publicly!

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  1. Congratulations on the tremendous progress you’re making! I am looking forward to the time when I can buy a copy of your book. 😉

  2. If accountability doesn’t work for you, you can always fall back on filthy lucre! Sign me up for the first copy (just don’t cash my check till next Friday, kay?) 😉

  3. You have helped me so much with my right brained learner, and we’ve only just begun. To have your insight and knowledge in a book would be such a gift. Count me in for a copy as soon as it’s published!!

  4. LOL, Topsy-Techie. Alright, you’re all put down for a copy to start up my filthy lucre motivation 🙂

    Thanks for the encouragement, really!

  5. Go Cindy! It must feel good to get things organized and written down.

  6. It would appear that this blogger stole your work and posted it as your own:


    She was busted using someone else’s work – you can read about it here:


    When I read the story above I went to her blog and began Googling lines to see if she stole from others. ONe of her entries Googled led me to yours. You may want to check the rest of her blog to see if she used any of your other posts.

  7. I’ve been familiar with our blog for a while. I’m very excited to hear about your upcoming book!

  8. While my children were shipped off to public school. (Spank Me). Malaina had private art lessons in Malaysia (only 2 kids in the class) She has some excellent Right brained art for the book. JK

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