Creative Learning Center

What if there was a learning environment that…

  • Prioritizes your child’s gifts and strengths through project-based learning and accelerated resources and materials in order for each to find their passion in life?
  • Develops a love of learning in your child that shows up in motivated interest and self-initiated learning?
  • Nurtures in your child a positive relationship with every school subject while establishing fundamental knowledge at the optimal learning time frame that matches brain development?
  • Utilizes community mentors who share their trade or passion and/or collaborate and inspire your child in their individual learning journey?

That is what you’ll find at The Creative Learning Center in Lexington, North Carolina!

Now Open!

This is a country-setting learning environment specifically geared toward encouraging children to be creative, be outdoors, be self-learners, and understand their own individual learning style.

We nurture each of our young people to discover their passion and to pursue it with purpose. Our entire focus is to help each young person achieve this through a strengths-based, mentor-supported, and skills-building education.

This learning center will only include 8 CHILDREN daily in a 4 hour block, ages 8-18! Attend full-time, 5 days a week, or choose an individualized hybrid choice of 2-, 3-, or 4-day weeks.

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Find out more about:

The Creative Learning Center philosophy.

The Creative Learning Center operations by age group.

The Creative Learning Center 2017-18 calendar.

TheCreative Learning Center application process.

The Creative Learning Center fee structure.

TheCreative Learning Center daily schedule by age group.

The Creative Learning Center Owner/Lead Facilitator.

The Creative Learning Center facility, address, and resources.

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