Application Process

Initial Contact: Feel free to contact me via cell phone at 336-309-3996 or by e-mail at to gain initial information and an idea if the CLC may be a good fit for your family.

If you wish to proceed, I will send you the Child’s Application for Enrollment  and Child’s Learning Profile and Goals forms via e-mail for you to fill out. I will also schedule our Parent Meet-Up, if desired.

Application Processing Fee: $25 per family (non-refundable).

Application: Please send the completed applications, along with the $25 non-refundable processing fee, to: Cindy Gaddis, 309 Louya Road, Lexington, NC 27292 OR scan and send the applications via e-mail to and the application fee to the above address or Paypal via the e-mail address of: prior to the Parent Meet-Up or Day Visit.

Parent Meet-Up: The parent(s) may meet with me at the CLC facility after hours to meet me, see the facility, and discuss the needs of the young person interested in attending the CLC. We want this to be a good fit for everyone and this begins the collaborative relationship between parent and myself. If all agree that it still appears to be a good fit, a Day Visit may be scheduled.

Tour or Day Visit: At the Parent Meet-Up, a date will be scheduled for the child(ren) to attend a Tour (if before the calendar year begins) or a Day Visit where the child(ren) can experience the learning environment offered at the Creative Learning Center. The time for this is usually 12:00-2:00 p.m. This allows you all to finalize if this is a good fit through an experiential opportunity.

Acceptance Priority: The Creative Learning Center seeks to establish a mix of full-time and part-time attendees, applications prioritized on a bi-yearly basis (in May and in August). Current attendees will have first priority for renewal each year. The priority levels are: 1) full-time status, 2) part-time status companioned with another part-time applicant that creates a full-time grouping, 3) part-time status individualized without another part-time applicant that creates a full-time grouping.

Acceptance: Applicants will receive a formal notice through e-mail of an acceptance or a wait list opportunity. With that acceptance letter will come three other forms to fill out and return. A calendar year commitment is required by the attendee. This is done with the Commitment Letter that will be sent with your acceptance e-mail outlining the days and fees to which you have agreed.  Set days will be assigned for part-time attendees and no make-up days are granted, unless otherwise pre-approved.  Once an applicant receives an acceptance letter to the CLC and returns the signed Commitment Letter, placement is guaranteed for that calendar year (September-May).

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