8-10 Year Olds


10:00a.-10:20a………….Learning Prompt
10:20a.-11:00a………..Continue Exploration

11:00a.-11:20………..Learning Prompt
11:20a.-12:00n……….Continue Exploration


1:00p.-1:20p…………Learning Prompt
1:20p.-2:00p…………Continue Exploration

Learning Prompt

The ages of 8 to 10 are the time of self-exploration and discovery. This is how they figure out what they love, what they are good at, and what interests them. This is also how they show others how they prefer to learn, what makes sense to them, and the types of resources to which they are naturally attracted. Therefore, the Facilitator will highlight three subjects each day that are linked to one or more complimentary creative outlets. There are nine identified creative outlets: art/photography, theater/showmanship, cooking/gardening, math/ numbers, music/dance, video games/computers, fashion/sewing, puzzles/ mazes, or building/electronics. The Facilitator will present a learning prompt in either the subject area, the creative outlet, or a combination of both. The prompt will most often be hands-on, real life applicable, creative, and/or innovative. Here are some of the combinations that may be utilized:


Continue Exploration

Open exploration is important at these stages! This is how they discover who they are. This is how we notice who they are. The learning prompt may inspire a child to continue exploring the concept in their own style and perspective. Or the learning prompt may trigger another idea in a child’s mind to explore. Or the child may go back to their own preferred exploration. It’s all learning!

Lunch/Open Time

This is a time set aside for all students to get to hang out, be social, play board games, or relax. It’s also a time they can go outside and explore, pick up a ball game, interact with nature, and eventually, even get to be with some animals. At the Creative Learning Center, we find value in inter-relationships and quality outdoor time.


For more general information about the daily schedule, see the Daily Schedule page.

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