Attributes of World Front-Runners in Education

The Creative Learning Center exercises many of the attributes that make the education system of the world’s front-runner in education successful. Finland leads the world at number one in overall educational performance. The United States is number 17. Some of the most important attributes in Finland’s education system are starting formal academics later at 7 years old, low teacher:student ratios, no tests and very little homework, a discovery-based learning model, and trust at all levels.

This video series about Finland’s educational system coincidentally mirrored the attributes found at The Creative Learning Center. On the other hand, is it coincidence or good educational practices based on brain and learning developmental stages? Here are some highlights of the videos that similarly reflect the attributes found at The Creative Learning Center:

  • Finland students start formal academics at age 7
  • Finland has class sizes of 20
  • Finland has no tests until late high school
  • Finland has little homework (cited 3-4 hours a week of homework in 9th grade)
  • Finland has respect and dignity for all work (trade or professional)
  • Finland students encompass 55% academic/45% trade; open and flexible between class tracks; no dead ends!
  • Finland students use technology; not teachers. They work together.
  • Finland encourages independent learning so the teacher helps those who need it
  • Finland teachers don’t teach; they help students discover
  • Finland students call teachers by their first names
  • Finland administration trust at all levels (administrators don’t check up on teachers; teachers have the trust to do what works in the classroom; teachers trust students; and students trust teachers as mentors
  • Finland students value the love of work and the love of learning over money
  • Finland students have arts influences in their studies





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