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  1. How can I tell whether my seven year old is struggling with reading because she is right-brained (and not really ready for reading yet) or because she has a learning difficulty like dyslexia?

  2. I just love it when it gets quiet in my house and I find a similar scene. Typically the quiet means sboeomdy is into something, so it’s such a joy to find them busy doing something fun and constructive together!

  3. Elizabeth Gilbert’s video is a favorite of mine, I saw it for the first time about a year ago. She’s blscialay the art teacher I wish I had growing up.Since we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot a few times professionally, I really wanted to take some time to comment on some of your posts as I actually tend to strongly agree with the majority of your philosophies and very much respect a lot of your ideas. I also feel strongly about our education system because I believe the way it’s fundamentally structured is engineering people to become less inspired.We primarily reward students with the highest ability to memorize and regurgitate information above all other skills I can only assume because it’s the easiest way to quantify and measure student performance. Our incentives to learn are all messed up too. There is absolutely nothing done to engage students to the material on a more intimate level, no curriculum or class structure that truly inspires. I feel like the most primal motivating component to learn has been completely erased from the equation: emotion. I can’t remember the last time I talked to someone who legitimately felt excited to be in school or curious to learn new things. It happens, but rarely. Instead, students are racing to meet memory dominated deadlines.

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